Search engine friendly

Search engines are responsible for a significant amount of web traffic. And with most people not looking beyond the first 20-50 search results, ranking high is important. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has many contributing factors and best practices. how a website is built plays a big factor in how favorably you will be ranked.
Google (the dominate search engine) and others employ what are known as “crawlers”- software applications that run automated tasks (in this case browsing the entire web and indexing every website) over the internet. When these crawlers access and index your site, they collect all the text information available including the underlying code that your site functions on and all meta descriptions and alternate text you’ve created. then this information is put through an algorithm that determines how relevant-and therefore how high-it should rank in the results of a search query.
At Blue Web Media, we take a methodical approach to each custom website we design. we start by using only the best practices and currently recognized code standards that are easily read and indexed by search engines. We also take care in creating the best page titles that contain relevant keywords your potential clients will be searching for. And since search engine crawlers can’t see the images on your site, we give every image file a descriptive name and provide meaningful alternate text that helps solidify your page’s relevancy in the eyes of search engines.

Other search engine optimization best practices include an active blog, social media marketing, and a well formulated Google Adwords campaign. Blue Web Media can provide you with these services at an affordable monthly fee. just mention our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) package when contacting us for a free consultation.